About Kyle Rush

Kyle Rush is a technologist, speaker and consultant living in New York City. Currently he is the Head of Optimization at Optimizely. Kyle's work has been featured in the book "A/B Testing: The Most Powerful Way to Turn Clicks Into Customers" available on Amazon.

Kyle spoke at Velocity Conference 2013 about web performance at the Obama Campaign and also presented on conversion rate optimization at MozCon 2013.

Before joining Optimizely Kyle was the Director of Technology at the New Yorker Kyle where he helped replatform and redesign www.newyorker.com and design a metered paywall. Previously he was the Deputy Director of Frontend Web Development at Obama for America. While working for the President he managed the technical and product aspects of online fundraising totalling $690 million in 20 months. Kyle's team created an innovative digital fundraising platform that reduced page load time by 60%, resulting in a 14% conversion rate increase or $34 million in revenue. The team executed over 500 a/b and multivariate tests which increased the donation conversion rate by 49% and the email acquisition conversion rate by 161%. Kyle's team also architected and managed Quick Donate, the first single click donation platform for web, email, and SMS in the non-profit/political world which had 1.5 million users and raised $115 million in 10 months. Quick Donate was Mashable's biggest innovation in politics and government for transforming political fundraising in 2012.

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